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Mark is a fully qualified Roof Plumber with 21 years experience.
Below is a list of some of the services we offer:

New Roofs

It is important to us that your new roof is not only visually attractive but also has optimal functionality. The roof of your home is the most noticeable and impression-making feature of your property. Additionally, it is the predominant feature protecting you and your family from harsh weather and varying outdoor elements. Balancing elegance with purpose is key.

When working through the initial design phase of your roof, we will consider all other stylistic features of your home to help you choose colours and materials that will complement the rest of your building, rather than contrast against them. As a roof plumber, Mark will ensure that your roof adheres to all safety standards.

Wall Cladding

Effective cladding should insulate and protect your property without detracting from the visual appeal of the exterior. Our cladding materials and techniques are proven to provide the ultimate defence for your home. They are highly functional, enabling a layer of protection as well as being a solution to temperature control.

Our team will ensure that your building cladding is entirely safe for residents and meets all national standards. Keeping your family and residents comfortable and protected is our main focus when providing cladding options.


Every home needs a functioning gutter system that will protect the roof from erosion and provide an answer to heavy weather systems. However, safeguarding your home from rainwater damage should not be an expensive or complex task. With much experience in installing effective gutters, Mark understands how to install them in a timely and cost-effective manner.

When sorting your gutter needs, Mark will take the time to offer solutions that match your home’s visual appeal. Instead of rushing the process, we consult with you as the client to ensure you are happy. You will receive the opportunity to have input on colours and varieties so that you can be entirely satisfied with the project. Every gutter that Mark has mounted has been 100% successful for protecting properties across New South Wales.

Gutter Guard

Although gutters are effective in draining rainwater, they can present issues relating to debris collection and clogging. Properties that do not have gutter guards connected to their gutter systems will rapidly realise that their gutters are collecting leaves, branches, rubbish and other debris. When blocked with these items, a gutter will essentially become useless. It could also become dangerous when the crusty plant material is left to start or spread fires.

There is a smart solution for stopping gutter blockages — quality gutter guards will certainly reduce the likelihood of debris collecting. Gutter guards are an investment for the future, as they result in a reduced frequency of gutter cleanings.


In addition to new gutters, most homeowners will consider a fascia or roofline. This band, or ribbon, is generally mounted at the point where the roof meets the outer walls of the house. Not only does it carry the roof guttering, but it also supports the bottom row of tiling on the home. Furthermore, many homeowners believe it simplifies and enhances the appearance of the building.

During intense weather systems or torrential downpours, a fascia board may be the crucial element that stops your gutters from becoming damaged. As an experienced tradesman, Mark has learnt that the most effective and enduring gutter systems have a fascia underneath them for optimal support.


Downpipes are an essential addition to the exterior of your home. Typically, downpipes are installed at the same time as new roofs and gutters. However, Mark can install downpipes to already guttered properties if they were excluded during your original build.

As a homeowner, it is vital that you source your downpipes from a reputable roofer or builder. If your downpipes are not installed incorrectly, they may collect unwanted debris and block water from exiting your gutters.


Natural sunlight is a highly sought-after feature in all homes. Skylights allow for outdoor light to ooze into the living spaces of your home and amplify the mood in any room. As well as reducing electrical lighting costs, skylights provide ventilation to your property.

Having incorporated skylight features into the roofs of many homes, Mark is an expert when it comes to knowing the best and most practical places for skylights. Mark’s expertise in installing skylights means that you will never suffer from leaks or damage. We only use the highest quality skylights from world leaders VELUX. Their range of expertly designed skylights are guaranteed to withstand the harsh Australian climate for years to come.

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